Are you looking for something fun and creative to do for your hen party?

Then we have just what you are looking for. We ensure that everything is taken care of so that all you need to do is turn up, drink some bubbly and enjoy yourselves.

Prices start from £40pp depending on group size.

We provide:

  • venue 
  • aprons 
  • cupcakes
  • icing 
  • Sprinkles
  • Glitter
  • Packaging
  • Signed recipe book


Our hosts are there to facilitate you having the best time and are on hand to give you any one to one help with individual designs. They will also ensure that your cakes are packaged up beautifully for you to take home.


  • The RiGHT way to fill a piping bag
  • The perfect icing recipe
  • How to use the piping bag correctly
  • Piping a classic swirl
  • Piping a two tier swirl
  • Piping an iced gem effect
  • Piping a rose swirl
  • Complimentary glass of bubbly


You will leave the class with 8 cupcakes each


* Please note that some of our icings contain Southampton colours. Research has shown that these may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.


The ultimate way to celebrate your hen party and to get old and new friends laughing together. What could be more fun than drinking bubbly and creating your own glittering, candy coloured confections to take away and wow your friends and family with?


These events are particularly good when a group do not all know each other. They are so interactive that it acts as a great icebreaker and ensures that everyone feels bonded for the rest of the Hen.


Our 2hr class cupcake decorating classes take place in chic and fun locations in London or in the comfort of your own home. Minimum booking for 9 hens. 


If you would like to include afternoon tea with your event then this is available in our Covent Garden venue.


Please email or call 020 3573 9135 for more information and bookings.